Cowie, Donald

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(1911-2006) UK author (blind since 1984), in New Zealand from 1928, in UK from 1934, resident in Switzerland from 1964, who has also written as Aldwyn Abberley, Julian Mountain, R F St B Pytchely and Rufus Stone; he was the author of several crabbed Future History visions of a century in decay. Prose & Verse (coll 1945) as with Julian Mountain contains some fantasy stories; of sf interest are The Indiscretions of an Infant, or The Baby's Revenge (1945) and The Rape of Man, or The Zoo Let Loose (1947), in which the other mammals of the world shake off the human yoke. [JC]

Donald John Cowie

born Enfield, Middlesex: 22 January 1911

died ?Switzerland: 2 June 2006



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