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New York publishing imprint started by Donald A Wollheim in 1972 (after his departure from Ace Books) with assistance from New American Library. DAW Books – the name derived from Wollheim's initials. though Wollheim's wife, Elsie Wollheim (1910-1996), has been described as the effective co-founder of DAW Books – publishes only sf and Fantasy, producing four or five titles per month. The editorial policy was similar to that followed by Wollheim at Ace: mostly adventure fiction, with a sprinkling of serious works. There was much series fiction, particularly fantasy and Sword and Sorcery, by such authors as Alan Burt Akers (Kenneth Bulmer), Marion Zimmer Bradley, Lin Carter, Michael Moorcock, John Norman and E C Tubb, many of whom had followed Wollheim from Ace Books. Major discoveries were C J Cherryh and the fantasy writer Tad Williams (1957-    ), and DAW Books also did much to promote the career of Tanith Lee. An anthology series was Annual World's Best SF (see Wollheim for details). Wollheim's daughter Betsy Wollheim became president in 1985, when her father was seriously ill; by the time of his death in 1990 the number of books published annually by DAW Books was rather lower than it had been early in the 1980s. [PN/MJE]

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