Doc Savage

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Hero of many pulp-action sf novels first published – usually as by Kenneth Robeson (a House Name most often used by Lester Dent, but see the Robeson entry for other users of this name) – in Doc Savage magazine. A master Scientist, almost superhuman in intelligence and strength, Doc Savage was actually Clark Savage, the "Man of Bronze" – the surname is a Street and Smith homage to Colonel Richard Henry Savage, an early contributor to the firm's journals; the given name is from Clark Gable. The success of the series led to imitations, most notably Superman, whose debt to Doc Savage is evident in his soubriquet – Clark Kent, the "Man of Steel". One early Doc Savage adventure was filmed as Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975), directed by Michael Anderson. Bob Larkin's covers for the 1970s/1980s Bantam paperback repackaging of the magazine stories are now regarded as the definitive rendition of the character. [FHP/MJE/DRL]

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