Savage, Richard Henry

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(1846-1903) US soldier and author of a number of adventures, some exceedingly melodramatic. Two are of sf interest: The Flying Halcyon: A Mystery of the Pacific Ocean (1894) is a Lost Race tale set in the Pacific, where a hoard of Aztec treasure is guarded by Yaqui Indians, reverently; and The Anarchist: A Story of Today (1894), a tale of political intrigue and violence set in a Near Future America ransacked by anarchists under the control of Professor Carl Stein, whom Savage describes almost as an Antihero, though with contempt. It has been suggested by Marilyn Cannaday, in Bigger Than Life: The Creator of Doc Savage (1990) that Savage was a direct model for Doc Savage, but her arguments, which are based on a shared name and publisher, do not bring Lester Dent directly into the picture. [JC]

Richard Henry Savage

born Utica, New York: 12 June 1846

died New York: 11 November 1903



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