Donson, Cyril

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(1919-1986) UK journalist and author, the generic nature of whose first story – "Mouse Into Man" in Titbits Magazine in 1940 – has not been established, and who claimed to have published more than 6000 pieces, fiction and nonfiction, under various names including Lonny Cordis, Russ Kidd, Via Hartford and Anita Mackin. His known sf is, however, restricted to three routine adventures for Robert Hale LimitedBorn in Space (1968), Tritonastra – The Planet of the Gargantua (1969), The Perspective Process (1969) – plus one further tale, Draco the Dragon Man (1974). [JC]

Cyril Donson

born Mexborough, Yorkshire: 26 May 1919

died 13 November 1986



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