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UK publishing firm which from 1936 through 1984, though mainly in the 1970s, published more than 450 sf novels, in hardbound editions, primarily for the library market. (In 1990 a few US sf titles were reprinted, but no originals.) A large majority of titles originating with the firm were uniform in length (192 pages) and routine in substance, most being Space Operas varied with occasional Dystopias. In its early years Hale published speculative fiction from authors like S Fowler Wright and Wyndham Lewis, and in the 1970s many established foreign writers – including Poul Anderson, A Bertram Chandler, Hal Clement, Gordon R Dickson, Ron Goulart, Harry Harrison, Keith Laumer, Frank Belknap Long, Andre Norton, Robert Silverberg and Kate Wilhelm – released titles to the UK market through the house; but from the middle of that decade Hale published mostly books signed by names otherwise unknown to the sf world. Some of these were young authors – e.g., Adrian Cole and David S Garnett – who would soon move on to more ambitious projects, and some – e.g., the actor Michael Elder – were authors who published primarily with Hale but who were clearly real individuals. Many, however, were pseudonyms, some of which have been identified and can be found below so designated. Almost certainly several remaining names – some of those below without birth-dates being reasonable suspects – are also pseudonymous.

Below is a list of Robert Hale authors, in the sense of authors whose names are solely or primarily identified with the Hale imprint. Where appropriate – that is, where the author has no separate entry in this encyclopedia – their works are listed as well. Such listings in publisher entries are not the normal practice of the encyclopedia; severe space constraints in the 1993 edition led to the more than 120 Hale authors and pseudonyms being lumped together here rather than given separate entries. [JC/DRL]

see also: Mike Ashley; George Borodin; Colin Cooper; Terry Greenhough; Lee Harding; Philip E High; John Lymington; Robert Ray.

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