Eberle, Merab

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(1891-1959) US editor, poet, author of children's plays and of some sf, her only magazine story being "The Mordant" for Amazing in March 1930. A second tale was published as the first half of The Thought Translator/The Creation (anth 1930 chap), volume 9 in Hugo Gernsback's Science Fiction Series of short volumes focusing on relatively unknown writers. Neither story stands out remarkably, though both are readable. [JC]

Merab Shipley Eberle

born Mattoon, Illinois: February 1891

died Dayton, Ohio: 31 October 1959


  • The Thought Translator/The Creation (New York: Stellar Publishing Corporation, 1930) [anth: chap: second story is by Milton Mitchell: in the publisher's Science Fiction Series: illus/Fisher: pb/nonpictorial]


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