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A series of eighteen pamphlets published between 1929 and 1932 by Hugo Gernsback's Stellar Publishing Corporation, and seemingly edited by him. The pamphlets were either 24 or 28 pages long, and were published without cover illustrations, though the first twelve were internally illustrated (#1-#6 by Frank R Paul). Most volumes contained a single novelette, like Jack Williamson and Miles J Breuer's The Girl from Mars (1929 chap), or Manly Wade Wellman's The Invading Asteroid (1932 chap), and in several instances, including these two titles, constituted their authors' first book publications. Five volumes in the series were anthologies, each containing two stories. In Science-Fiction: The Early Years (1990), E F Bleiler speculates that, considering the low quality of most of the series, at least some of these titles may have been rejected submissions to one or another of Gernsback's magazines. This may have been the case; but the cachet of book publication may well have at the same time helped stimulate some of the contributors into embarking upon significant careers. [JC]

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