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(1948-    ) US editor, married to Joan D Vinge since 1980. In the late 1970s and early 1980s he was with Dell Books, where he edited (anonymously) the Binary Star books, each comprising two titles bound sequentially (see Dos): Binary Star #1 containing Destiny Times Three (March-April 1945 Astounding; 1957; 1978 dos) by Fritz Leiber and Riding the Torch (in Threads of Time, anth 1974, ed Robert Silverberg; 1978 dos) by Norman Spinrad, Binary Star #2 containing the first appearance of The Twilight River (1979 dos) by Gordon Eklund and The Tery (1973 Fiction 4 as "He Shall Be John"; 1979 dos) by F Paul Wilson, Binary Star #3 containing Dr Scofflaw (1978; 1979 dos) by Ron Goulart and the first appearance of Outerworld (1979 dos) by Isidore Haiblum, Binary Star #4 containing Legacy (October 1976 Analog as "Media Man"; rev 1980 dos) by Joan D Vinge and the first appearance of The Janus Equation (1980 dos) by Steven G Spruill, and Binary Star #5 containing Nightflyers (April 1980 Analog; 1981 dos) by George R R Martin and the first appearance of True Names (1981 dos) by Vernor Vinge.

In 1983 Frenkel founded Bluejay Books, whose strong but underfunded list was forced to cease trading in 1986. For many years he was an editor at Tor Books, eventually leaving that publisher in July 2013. [JC/DRL]

James Raymond Frenkel

born New York: December 1948



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