Gibbons, Floyd

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(1887-1939) US author, mostly of war stories; well known as a war correspondent. The Red Napoleon (1929) is a Future War tale in which a Mongol dictator named Karakhan, Communist successor to the murdered Stalin, conquers much of the world, miscegenating as he goes – like Genghis Khan (circa 1162-1227) before him – this time as part of a deliberate onslaught upon the racist White nations. He is eventually defeated by the USA. Gibbons appears as his journalist self throughout, and recounts these events – whose complexity transcends much of the Yellow Peril rhetoric that usually stains tales of Invasion from the East – with some sympathy. [JC]

see also: Villains.

Raphael Floyd Phillips Gibbons

born Washington, D C: 16 July 1887

died Washington, D C: 23 September 1939



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