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(1856-1944) Irish-born editor and author, largely resident in England, Robert Graves's uncle; his anonymous sf spoof, The War of the Wenuses: Translated from the Artesian of H G Pozzuoli (1898) with E V Lucas, parodies H G Wells's The War of the Worlds (April-December 1897 Pearson's; 1898) not wisely but too well, transposing almost line-for-line his Martians with undescribed but obviously naked female "Wenusians" – E F Bleiler plausibly suggests that the substitution of W for V is a slap at Wells's Cockney origins – who cause havoc. The entirety of the exercise is conducted with condescension; as is the similar but less inspired Wisdom while You Wait: Being a Foretaste of the Glories of the "Insidecompletuar Britanniaware" (1903) with E V Lucas. [JC]

Charles Larcom Graves

born Dublin, Ireland: 15 December 1856

died Carlisle, Cumbria: 17 April 1944

works (all anonymous)


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