Greenfield, Irving A

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(1928-2020) US academic, playwright and author prolific in various genres; he was first active as an author of pornography, sometimes as by Vin Fields, but later concentrated on expansive historical fantasies. The Waters of Death (1967), Succubus: A Novel of Erotic Possession (1970; vt Succubus 1970 as by Campo Verde) and The Stars Will Judge (1974; vt Star Trial 1977) apply a lush and highly readable psychologizing style to routine sf matters. The Depth Force sequence, beginning with Depth Force (1984), is borderline Military SF. As Bruce Duncan, Greenfield wrote Mirror Image (1968 chap dos), a minor work. [JC]

Irving A Greenfield

born New York: 22 February 1928

died New York: 1 April 2020



Depth Force

Super Depth Force

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