Karig, Walter

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(1898-1956) US journalist, naval officer and author, a pseudonymous author for many years for the Stratemeyer Syndicate, including three Nancy Drew books as by Carolyn Keene, and various others. War in the Atomic Age? (1946 chap) compresses into very few pages – beginning with a description of World War Three in 1976 – a sequence of superscience duels between the USA and Galaxia, including nuclear warfare, Force Fields, biological Weapons and underwater Robot tanks. The USA wins hands down. In his Science Fantasy, Zotz! (1947), filmed as Zotz! (1962), a man – after deciphering an ancient screed that gives him the Psi Power or Superpower of killing by pointing his hand and saying "Zotz!" – is frustrated by bureaucracy in his attempts to help the USA win World War Two; the effect is mildly but pervasively Satirical. [JC]

Captain Walter Robert Karig

born New York: 13 November 1898

died 30 September 1956


  • War in the Atomic Age? (New York: Wm H Wise and Co, Inc, 1946) as Captain Walter Karig, USNR [chap: hb/]
  • Zotz! (New York: Rinehart and Company, 1947) [hb/Walter Karig]


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