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Pseudonym of the UK author (?   -?   ) of Meccania, the Super State (1918), a Dystopia describing a mechanical, rigidly class-ridden society – "Enlightenment" totalitarianism taken to its logical extreme – as witnessed by a Chinese visitor in 1970. Though never so stated in the text, Meccania is clearly Germany; the dustjacket copy, several examples of which have fortunately survived despite the British Library, makes this explicit: "Meccania is the Super-State, Germany, seen from a new angle of vision ..." Concentration camps are numerous. Sex is governed by a barbarous system of Eugenics. The book interestingly preludes the portrait of a dystopian Germany in Milo Hastings' City of Endless Night (1920); like later, great Dystopias by Aldous Huxley and Yevgeny Zamiatin and others, it refracts with utter clarity the cost to Western civilization of World War One. [JC/JE]

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