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(1955-    ) Japanese author and producer, sometimes operating under the working name Kenshō Ikeda, an alternate reading of the characters that spell his name. A graduate in Literature from Komazawa University, he first gained attention as a critic and chronicler of Japan's distinctive Tokusatsu genre, in which rubber monsters and super-sized heroes duel in the streets of a model Tokyo. His magazine column "SF Hero Retsuden" ["Biographies of SF Heroes"] (circa 1983-1984 Animec) won a Seiun Award in the Non Fiction category.

In 1990, he became an Anime producer at the Kadokawa publishing conglomerate, working on the production or promotion of several minor releases of the period, largely with a Fantasy emphasis. His sole SF project appears to have been Silent Möbius 2 (1992 Japan), for which he worked in publicity. He subsequently became a TV pundit, hosting the show Kaigai TV Series Kenshō File ["Foreign TV Series Investigation File"] (1998-2004 Japan). He is also the co-author of the magisterial NHK Renzoku Ningyō-geki no Subete ["All About NHK Puppet Serials"] (2003), which includes much of genre interest, and several books on the work of Gerry Anderson. [JonC]

Noriaki Ikeda

born Saitama, Japan: 14 January 1955



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