Kasack, Hermann

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(1896-1966) German author of Der Stadt hinter dem Strom (1949; trans Peter De Mendelssohn as The City Beyond the River 1953), a tale whose setting – initially World War Two, and then a distant City where the protagonist is assigned the Kafka-esque task of serving as its official chronicler – seems Equipoisal with sf of the sort typical of "year zero" writing in Germany, but which eventually turns out to be a Posthumous Fantasy [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. In the end, the Amnesia of the dead overwhelms any possibility of writing a story of escape from this postWar Hell. [JC]

see also: Germany.

Hermann Robert Richard Eugen Kasack

born Potsdam, Germany: 24 July 1896

died Stuttgart, Germany: 10 January 1966



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