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(1956-    ) US professional soldier from the age of seventeen, retiring in 1992 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and author, most of whose work has been Military SF, including his first novel, A State of Disobedience (2003), which details the process of a revolution against a tyrannical US president in 2060. Series include the Legacy of the Aldenata with John Ringo (whom see for details of this Games-oriented sequence involving a Galactic Empire and an Alien Invasion of Earth which is fiercely resisted); and the Desert Called Peace sequence opening with A Desert Called Peace (2007), in which a soldier whose family has been massacred by agents of the world-ruling Caliphate takes terrible revenge, on behalf of his family and in the cause of freedom. [JC]

Tom Kratman

born Boston, Massachusetts: 4 September 1956




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