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(1963-    ) US author almost exclusively known for his Military SF, though he has in fact written some other sf and fantasy. He began his career with the first of the Posleen sequence, A Hymn Before Battle (2000), in which a Near Future Earth is informed by representatives of something like a benevolent Galactic Empire that an inimical Alien civilization, the Posleen, is about to mount an Invasion, and that Earth's best recourse is to commit elite troops to the interstellar reaches where the war currently rages. The war does, however, reach Earth as soon as the second volume, Gust Front (2001), and various local theatres of war are subsequently exploited as the sequence ramifies. Cally's War (2004) with Julie Cochrane begins a subseries featuring a tough, noirish female operative, whose subterfuges and exploits are recounted within the larger frame. The overall series tends to repetitiveness, though The Tuloriad (2009) with Tom Kratman, focuses on the defeated remnants of the Posleen horde, brings some depth of field to the enterprise.

Ringo's other series include the Empire of Man sequence, beginning with March Upcountry (2001) with David Weber, is again set in a Galactic Empire, and features escalating Space Opera adventures of a Prince who must earn out his human inheritance; the Council Wars sequence, beginning with There Will be Dragons (2003), in which a Utopian world is devastated by the forces that made it possible, leaving a Ruined Earth landscape in which Survivalist Fiction tropes unfold; the Into the Looking Glass sequence, beginning with Into the Looking Glass (2005), in which a Near Future Disaster creates a portal to other Dimensions and high-profile adventures ensue; and the Troy Rising sequence, beginning with Live Free or Die (2010), where First Contact via similar portals ends in an Alien Invasion of Earth, resisted, again, by military Heroes who fight back. A relentless similarity does underpin stories whose beginnings seem promisingly varied, but Ringo's energy is never in doubt. [JC]

John Ringo

born Miami, Florida: 22 March 1963





Posleen: Cally O'Neal

  • Cally's War (New York: Baen Books, 2004) with Julie Cochrane [Posleen: Cally O'Neal: hb/Clyde Caldwell]
  • Sister Time (New York: Baen Books, 2007) with Julie Cochrane [Posleen: Cally O'Neal: hb/Clyde Caldwell]
  • Honor of the Clan (New York: Baen Books, 2008) with Julie Cochrane [Posleen: Cally O'Neal: hb/Kurt Miller]

Empire of Man

Council Wars

Into the Looking Glass

Paladin of Shadows

Troy Rising

Black Tide Rising

individual titles

These include initial volumes of projected series.

works as editor

  • Citizens (New York: Baen Books, 2010) with Brian M Thomsen [anth: pb/Tom Kidd]


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