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(1947-    ) US teacher and author whose first sf novel, Jandrax (1979), is a Planetary Romance whose inhabitants, two generations after their Starship has been stranded, have created two contrasting societies on the planet: a "stationary" order governed by the passengers' version of a unifying Monomythos (see Religion); and a migratory culture created by the crew, after they have been exiled from their ship. Logsdon's second novel, A Fond Farewell to Dying (June 1978 Galaxy as "To Go Not Gently"; exp 1981), is a perhaps more interesting Ruined Earth tale set in twenty-third-century India, long after a nuclear World War Three has depopulated most of the rest of the world. A longstanding conflict with a Muslim nation to the north frames the humanly complex story of a Westerner's research into cloning (see Clones) to compensate for the post-nuclear sterilization suffered by most of the world. Though he is successful in the end, the sense that cloning barbarously parodies Hindu beliefs in Reincarnation permeates the text, whose very considerable competence makes Logsdon's subsequent silence all the more regrettable. A further novel is scheduled for 2016. [JC]

Syd F Logsdon

born Claremore, Oklahoma: 10 December 1947




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