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(1965-    ) UK author who also writes as Jay Amory (note play on his name) and has set crosswords for UK newspapers as Jael; his first novel, The Hope (1990) – set on a vast ocean liner as evocative of the topos of the Ship of Fools as it is of the Generation Starship or the Pocket Universe – is vigorously Equipoisal in a manner typical of his work as whole. His second novel, Escardy Gap (1996) with Peter Crowther, a Godgame gone out of control in a town driven by metaphorical puppetry and visited by an ominous Carnival [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], also performs along genre membranes, though less convincingly.

Some of Lovegrove's later tales – like Wings (2004 chap), about a child whose father's Inventions may include providing him with wings, or Ant God (2009), whose young protagonist has invented "Revelation Glasses" that show too much – are for Young Adult or younger readers, and follow simpler trajectories. His adult tales continue ruthlessly and at times invigoratingly to combine and metamorphosize early twenty-first-century genres. Foreigners (2000) is in part a First Contact tale, in which ambivalent Aliens seem to be offering Uplift; but it is also a fantasy about a visitation of gods. Untied Kingdom (2003) is a Dystopian vision of Near Future England bombed by former allies, its government in exile, but (perhaps) succoured by an Arthurian revival headed by an Arthur reborn as a skinhead. Worldstorm (2004) comes close to the creation of an Alternate Cosmos in its delineation of a world whose population is inherently shaped according to Inclinations based on the four elements of alchemy, while the eponymous storm shakes the planet without cease. Provender Gleed (2005) is a Satirical Alternate History in which the world is ruled by families of capitalists, the Jonbar Point being a realpolitik decision by the Renaissance Borgias and Medicis to join together. Perhaps the most ambitious of these, The Age of Ra (2009), combines Military SF tropes and Wargame-like battles with a Far Future venue where conflicts rage among the gods (mostly Egyptian) over the rule of Earth; a problem with this tale, as with some of Lovegrove's earlier expeditions, may lie in a sense of undue haste: almost, at times, as though his traversal of genres was touristic. This novel opens the Pantheon sequence [see Checklist], set in various Alternate Histories, each under the rule of a different pantheon of gods; the most impressive of these may be Age of Aztec (2012), in which the Aztec gods, aided by advanced Technology, impose a harsh rule upon the world. Age of Godpunk (coll of linked stories 2013) contains an amusing spoof of the Satanism tales of Dennis Wheatley. [JC]

see also: Seiun Award.

James Matthew Henry Lovegrove

born Lewes, East Sussex: 24 December 1965





Clouded World


  • The Age of Ra (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2009) [Pantheon: pb/Marek Okon]
  • The Age of Zeus (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2010) [Pantheon: pb/Marek Okon]
  • The Age of Odin (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2011) [Pantheon: pb/Marek Okon]
  • Age of Aztec (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2012) [Pantheon: pb/Marek Okon]
  • Age of Anansi (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2012) [novella: ebook: Pantheon: na/Marek Okon]
  • Age of Satan (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2013) [novella: ebook: Pantheon: na/Pye Parr]
  • Age of Gaia (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2013) [novella: ebook: Pantheon: na/Pye Parr]
    • Age of Godpunk (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2013) [omni of the above three: Pantheon: pb/Jake Murray]
  • Age of Voodoo (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2013) [Zombies: Pantheon: pb/Marek Okon]
  • Age of Shiva (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2014) [Pantheon: pb/Jake Murray]

5 Lords of Pain

John Redlaw

  • Redlaw (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2011) [John Redlaw: pb/Clint Langley]
  • Redlaw: Red Eye (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2012) [John Redlaw: pb/Clint Langley]

Dev Harmer

  • World of Fire (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Rebellion/Solaris, 2012) [Dev Harmer: pb/Jake Murray]

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