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(1866-1928) US author whose Graustark sequence of tales set in a Balkan Ruritania – beginning with Graustark: The Story of a Love Behind a Throne (1901) and ending with The Inn of the Hawk and Raven: A Tale of Old Graustark (1927) – erects an edifice of nostalgia and modestly defiant enclosedness almost as powerful as that created in the actual Ruritanian novels of Anthony Hope. The inturned refusal of history in McCutcheon's version – along with plots where foreigners incessantly seem to threaten the Polder [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] but in fact become part of its defence structure, usually through marriage and other forms of upward mobility – cause them almost embarrassingly to evoke the softer kinds of Alternate History; and have contributed to the development of Science Fantasy. "The Wrath of the Dead", the second tale assembled in Her Weight in Gold (coll 1911), describes the destruction of Manhattan (see New York) in 1947 by the enraged spirits of the dead. Two late novels – West Wind Drift (1920), which is maritime, and Blades (1928), which almost ventures into Canada – have Lost Race elements. [JC]

George Barr Greaves Richard McCutcheon

born Lafayette, Indiana: 26 July 1866

died New York: 23 October 1928




individual titles

  • West Wind Drift (New York: Dodd, Mead and Co, 1920) [hb/C Allen Gilbert]
  • Blades (New York: Dodd, Mead and Co, 1928) [hb/]


  • Her Weight in Gold (Indianapolis, Indiana: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1911) [coll: chap: hb/]


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