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(1962-    ) UK author who specializes in Ties, mostly for the Doctor Who universe, beginning with Doctor Who: The New Adventures: Lucifer Rising (1993) with Andy Lane, though he has also contributed to the Babylon 5 universe, beginning with Babylon 5 Book 4: Clark's Law (1996). Space Truckers (1997) which is standalone, novelizes the film {SPACE TRUCKERS} (1996), failing to make much of a genre-mixing tale in which truckers and cowboys and pirates are confusedly brought together in space. Farscape: Dark Side of the Sun (2000) as by Andrew Dymond is tied to the Television series Farscape. The two self-published story collections The Book of Shadows (2013) and The Age of Broken Miracles (2013) were withdrawn from sale soon after publication as Random House, the parent company of BBC Books, served a copyright takedown notice. [JC]

Jim Mortimore

born 1962




Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The New Adventures

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor

Babylon 5


individual titles

  • Space Truckers (London: Boxtree, 1997) [tie to the film: pb/]
  • Campaign (London: Pyrrhic Press-ure, 2000) [originally written as a Doctor Who book then amended to be non-Who: hb/Jim Mortimore]
    • Campaign v2.1 (London: Jim Mortimore, 2007) [exp vt of the above: hb/Jim Mortimore]


works as editor

  • Decalog 5: Wonders (London: Virgin Books, 1997) with Paul Leonard [anth: tied to Doctor Who: pb/Colin Howard]


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