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(1883-1971) UK banker and author who published in 1907 and later some very early poetry as by J Marjoram, but who effectively began his long and prolific writing career with the famous Spanish Farm trilogy beginning with The Spanish Farm (1924), a fictionalized chronicle of his World War One experiences upon which his reputation stands, though all his work shows the profound effect on him of four years of service. Some of his later works are fantasy, including The Old Man of the Stones: A Christmas Allegory (1930 chap), The Ghost and the Maiden (1940), The Gentleman of Leisure: A Romance (1948), in which the Gentleman travels to Heaven, and To Hell, with Crabb Robinson (1962), which takes its protagonist elsewhere; The Headless Hound and Other Stories (coll 1931), contains some fantasies.

In Mottram's only sf novel, The Visit of the Princess: A Romance of the Nineteen-Sixties (1946), a joyless Dystopian Near Future UK is galvanized by the visit of a princess from a mysterious unknown Island. [JC/PN]

Ralph Hale Mottram

born Norwich, Norfolk: 30 October 1883

died King's Lynn, Norfolk: 16 April 1971




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