Nicolson, Harold

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(1886-1968) Persian-born UK diplomat, politician (National Labour MP 1935-1945) and author, married to V Sackville-West, knighted in 1953. His brief political association with Sir Oswald Mosley (1896-1980) clouded his name for some – though this relationship was terminated when Mosley founded the British Union of Fascists in 1932 – but in his later career he moved toward a more stable left-centrism. His Near Future sf novel Public Faces (1932), set in 1939, describes the international conflicts aroused when the UK gains control of a new Power Source which simultaneously enables the atomic bomb and the intercontinental rocket, though when the latter is tested a tsunami is created, a Disaster which destroys part of Florida and South Carolina; the UK then insists successfully on world nuclear disarmament. [JC]

see also: End of the World; Politics; Weapons.

Sir Harold George Nicolson

born Teheran, Persia: 21 November 1886

died Sissinghurst, Kent: 1 May 1968



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