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Working name of US anaesthetist and author Theodore Andrus Reynolds (1938-    ), who began publishing sf with "Just Imagine" in Beyond for November 1953, becoming more active from 1977, releasing about fifteen stories in the next decade or so. His first novel, The Tides of God (1989) – the last of the Terry Carr Ace Specials – intriguingly allows the surmise that millennial fervour is caused, on a regular 1000-year basis, by a deranging Alien being whose expected arrival from deep space as the twentieth century ends spurs the mounting of an expedition to destroy it. But Religion is a subject too complexly integrated into the human psyche to be excised by any quasimilitary sortie into the unknown; and the tale ends in ambiguity. [JC]

Theodore Andrus Reynolds

born Wisconsin: 8 October 1938



  • The Tides of God (New York: Ace Books, 1989) [in the publisher's third Science Fiction Special series: pb/Earl Keleny]


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