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UK Fanzine (1949-1960) edited by A Vincent Clarke and "sub-editor" Kenneth Bulmer. Fifteen issues from #1 (January 1949, dated Winter 1948) to #16 (June 1960) – there was no #6 – plus four interim issues titled SFN Minor (all 1949) and separately numbered, and some other addenda. The format varied from half-foolscap (#1-#4) to UK quarto (#5, #13-#16) to full foolscap (#9-#12); all issues were stencil-duplicated; page count ranged from 4pp to 24pp.

Science Fantasy News began as the newsletter of the short-lived Science Fantasy Society founded in 1948, and continued as a Newszine for British Fandom in general. Initially characterized by dull worthiness, it grew livelier as the parent society faded. External contributors included E C Tubb and James White; the letter column featured John Brunner, Robert Conquest, Dan Morgan, Bob Shaw, James White again, and Walt Willis. Science Fantasy News's successor in the lineage of British Newszines was Skyrack. After long absence from fandom, A Vincent Clarke quasi-revived the title in the 1980s with a similar masthead design as Not Science Fantasy News (three stencilled UK quarto issues 1982-1983), a personal fanzine (personalzine) rather than a newsletter. [DRL]


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