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Fan Language abbreviation for a Fanzine or Magazine primarily devoted to sf news and perhaps gossip; most also feature at least some book reviews. Newszines with listings in this encyclopedia are: Ansible, British Fantasy Society Bulletin, Checkpoint, Critical Wave, Fanac, Fantasy Review (1), Fantasy Times, File 770, Futurian War Digest, Locus, Luna Monthly, Science Fantasy News, Science Fiction Chronicle and Skyrack. Several are archived online, have a current web presence, or both [see under links below].

Further newszines of note include Fanew Sletter (Australia, 100 issues 1974-1978) edited by Leigh Edmonds; Karass (US, 38 issues 1974-1978) edited by Linda Bushyager; Matrix (UK, 1975-2011) published by the British Science Fiction Association and discussed in that entry; DNQ (Canada, 34 issues 1978-1983) edited by Taral Wayne Macdonald and Victoria Vayne; and Thyme (Australia, 136 issues 1981-2002) edited by Irwin Hirsh and various successors, the last being Alan Stewart. [DRL]

see also: Online Newszines.


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