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(1969-    ) US author, much of whose work has initially appeared in podcast form (see Audiozine); after creating some stories for the Champions Superhero Role Playing Game in the 1990s, he began to publish work of genre interest with "Number One with a Bullet" (in Monsters from Memphis, anth 1997, edited by Beecher Smith). His first novel, Earthcore (2001 ebook), was characteristic of the kind of tale he would focus on, a Technothriller plot augmented by Horror in SF tropes and some genuine sf speculation. In the Infected sequence, comprising Infected (2008), Contagious (2009) and Pandemic (2014), Alien spores bring a plague to Earth whose first consequences are along the lines of the usual Zombie Apocalypse; but the spores soon turn into potential puppet masters (see Parasitism and Symbiosis) whose mission is to prevent Homo sapiens from reaching space and attacking their home civilization up the spiral arm of the galaxy. The Galactic Football League sequence beginning with The Rookie (2010 ebook) traces at considerable length the fortunes of a human team in an interstellar football season (see Games and Sports); and the Young Adult Near Future Dystopia The Generations Trilogy, beginning with Alive (2015) and Alight (2016), carries its young protagonist – who finds herself leading a cohort of similarly oppressed youngsters – through various travails on the colony planet Omeyocan, surviving a ruthless Memory Edit and other problems. [JC]

Scott Carl Sigler

born Cheboygan, Michigan: 30 November 1969





  • Infected (New York: Crown Publishers, 2008) [Infected: hb/]
  • Contagious (New York: Crown Publishers, 2008) [Infected: hb/Spencer Rowell]
  • Pandemic (New York: Crown Publishers, 2014) [Infected: hb/Will Staehle]

Galactic Football League

  • The Rookie (San Francisco, California: Empty Set Entertainment, 2010) [ebook: Galactic Football League: na/]
  • The Starter (San Francisco, California: Empty Set Entertainment, 2010) [ebook: Galactic Football League: na/]
  • The All-Pro (San Francisco, California: Empty Set Entertainment, 2011) [ebook: Galactic Football League: na/]
  • The MVP (San Francisco, California: Empty Set Entertainment, 2012) [Galactic Football League: pb/]
  • The Reporter (San Francisco, California: Empty Set Entertainment, 2010) with Mur Lafferty [ebooK Galactic Football League: na/]

The Generations Trilogy

  • Alive (New York: Del Rey, 2015) [Generations Trilogy: hb/David G Stevenson]
  • Alight (New York: Del Rey, 2016) [Generations Trilogy: hb/David G Stevenson]

individual titles

  • Earthcore (New York: iPublish, 2001) [ebook: na/]
    • Earthcore (Calgary, Alberta: Dragon Moon Press, 2005) [rev of above: revisions not confirmed: pb/Kevin Capizzi]
  • Ancestor (Calgary, Alberta: Dragon Moon Press, 2007) [initially released September 2005-February 2006 as a podcast: pb/Kevin Capizzi]
    • Ancestor (New York: Crown Publishers, 2010) [exp rev of the above: hb/]
  • Podcast (New York: Crown Publishers, 2012) [hb/]
  • Nocturnal (New York: Crown Publishers, 2012) [hb/]


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