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(1964-    ) UK academic and author, none of whose work is directly sf, though his nonfiction is deeply conversant with science-fictional modes of thought. Backroom Boys: The Secret Return of the British Boffin (2003) encompasses in its historical narrative an understanding of the imaginative uses made of boffins (see Scientists) over the course of the twentieth century. Red Plenty (2010) combines two levels of presentation: a nonfiction analysis of early 1960s Soviet society, a time when it seemed that the Communist government might pull off its claims to be creating a just society; and a fictionalized (but factual) narrative conducted as a kind of Thought Experiment. The end effect is curiously and legitimately moving.

Cultural Babbage: Technology, Time and Invention (anth 1996) with Jenny Uglow, honours Charles Babbage, though the various original essays included move rather far afield. [JC]

Francis Spufford

born Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: 22 April 1964


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