Star Maidens

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UK/West German television series (1976; vt Space Maidens). A Portman Production for Scottish and Global/Jost Graf von Hardenberg & Co. and Werbung-in-Rundfunk. Produced by James Gatward. Directors Gatward, Wolfgang Storch, Freddie Francis. Writers Eric Paice, John Lucarotti, Ian Stuart Black, Otto Strang. Cast includes Dawn Addams, Pierre Brice, Derek Farr, Judy Geeson, Lisa Harrow, Ronald Hines, Christiane Kruger, Christian Quadflieg and Gareth Thomas. 13 30-minute episodes. Colour.

On the planet Medusa women have enslaved men, two of whom (Brice and Thomas) steal a Spaceship and flee to Earth. They are pursued by Medusan women, led by Fulvia (Geeson), who take Earth hostages (Harrow and Quadflieg) in their place. The plotting was chaotic and the role-reversal Satire unsubtle. The series was (by UK standards) expensive – the special effects were superior to the script – and audience figures did not justify the cost of a second season. [JB]


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