Lucarotti, John

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(1926-1994) UK-born Canadian screenwriter whose Television script credits include City Beneath the Sea (1962) and its sequel Secret Beneath the Sea (1963); ten scripts for The Avengers; Moonbase 3 (1973); and Star Maidens (1976; vt Space Maidens). He is the author of three Ties to the early Doctor Who universe, all based on his own Doctor Who scripts, beginning with Doctor Who: Marco Polo (1984), based on a 1964 series subsequently destroyed by the BBC (in order, it is believed, to save on videotape). This and his other stories – Doctor Who: The Aztecs (1984) and Doctor Who: The Massacre (1987) – were notable for historical research and for restricting sf elements to the enabling Doctor Who frame. [JC]

John Lucarotti

born Aldershot, Hampshire: 20 May 1926

died Paris: 20 November 1994



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