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As of the latest update to this page on 24 October 2020, the encyclopedia contains 18,373 entries totalling 6,085,078 words. There are 216,318 internal hyperlinks between entries, corresponding to cross-references in past book editions.

When this third edition was launched in October 2011, the figures were 12,230 entries, 3,222,920 words and 113,492 hyperlinks. The second print edition (1993) had 6571 entries totalling 1,311,108 words, with 41,712 internal cross-references; the slightly expanded CD-ROM (1995) had 6732 entries totalling 1,378,261 words, with 43,302 internal links. The first edition (1979), assembled without the help of word processors, ran to 3574 entries and an estimated 730,000 words; no one has been able to face counting the book's internal cross-references by hand.

The entry count for each edition includes many cross-reference-only entries which may have little or no actual content but refer readers to other entries where their subject is covered. The great majority of these cross-reference-only items fall into the following categories: author Pseudonyms such as "French, Paul / Pseudonym of Isaac Asimov."; names of collaborators not given full entries but referenced in the entries for their co-authors; and variant titles of films, magazines and television series. See Editorial Practices for more. The entry count breaks down to 2865 full and 709 cross-reference entries in the first edition; an estimated 4360+ full and 2100 cross-reference entries in the second edition; 4530 full and 2202 cross-reference entries in the CD-ROM edition; and 13,300 full and 5073 cross-reference entries in the current state of this third edition.

Of the major contributors, John Clute continues to lead the pack with 7016 entries written solo and 1318 more in collaboration, many of the former (he wishes to emphasize) being short, and the latter generally being updates to already existing entries. He would also wish to underline the fact that, partly because most of them contain Checklists whose complexities are exacting, the final shape of many of these entries is even more than usual due to David Langford's editorial oversight, to the extent that many of them are in effect co-creations.

The entry-count figures for other contributors of twenty or more solo entries (either at the time of this edition's launch in October 2011 or subsequently attained), with joint-credit counts added in parentheses, are:

  • David Langford 667 (1309)
  • Peter Nicholls 471 (991)
  • Geoffrey Stevens 435 (187)
  • Neal Tringham 345 (34)
  • Jonathan Clements 232 (12)
  • Mike Ashley 226 (273)
  • Steven Pearce 209 (1)
  • Gary Westfahl 185 (76)
  • Nick Lowe 171 (29)
  • Adam Roberts 147 (28)
  • John Grant 89 (41)
  • Mathew Downward 79 (5)
  • John Brosnan 59 (234)
  • Jack Nicholls 50 (25)
  • Brian Stableford 41 (192)
  • Abigail Nussbaum 40 (4)
  • Martin Lewis 32 (5)
  • Kim Newman 30 (23)
  • Esther MacCallum-Stewart 27 (2)
  • Lee Weinstein 26 (26)
  • Malcolm Edwards 24 (152)
  • John Eggeling 20 (86)
  • John-Henri Holmberg 21 (4)
  • Roger Robinson 21 (21)

In terms of approximate word counts, the leading contributors are John Clute with over 2,736,000 words, David Langford with 670,000, Peter Nicholls with 452,000, Neal Tringham with 241,000, Jonathan Clements with 195,000, Brian Stableford with 179,000, Mike Ashley with 155,000, Geoffrey Stevens with 150,000, Steven Pearce with 115,000, Gary Westfahl with 108,000, Mathew Downward with 82,000, Nick Lowe with 75,000, Malcolm Edwards with 70,000, John Brosnan with 42,000, Adam Roberts with 41,000, John Grant with 38,000, John Eggeling with 30,000, John-Henri Holmberg with 30,000, Abigail Nussbaum with 29,000, Jack Nicholls with 26,000 and Konrad Walewski with 23,000. All figures are rounded down to the nearest thousand, with a threshold for inclusion in the above list of 20,000 words either at the time of this edition's launch in October 2011 or subsequently attained. (Both solo entry counts and word counts can decrease when an entry is reworked by some other contributor to a sufficient extent that credit must now be shared.)

In the preparation of the above "league tables" credit is given for each separately signed section within large omnium-gatherum entries like Batman Films and Tarzan Films, which seems only fair. Collaborative entry or entry section word counts are shared equally among contributors to that entry or entry section.

The total number of books cited in Checklists is now approaching 75,200 after eliminating obvious duplications of books with two or more authors (which as a rule are separately cited in each author's Checklist); the counting procedure may well ignore a small number of pseudo-doublings where books which are in fact distinct have the same title and year of publication. The report of the number of images in the Picture Gallery archive is exact, and this total is automatically updated on the Gallery page [see links below] whenever new material is added. Nearly 5,700 entries in the encyclopedia have links to relevant cover images in the Gallery.

For the sake of sanity, this "Statistics" entry is not necessarily updated for every small change or correction to the encyclopedia's text. [DRL]


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