Taylor, William Alexander

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(1837-1912) US lawyer, editor, politician and author whose Utopia, Intermere (1901), carries its protagonist into the heart of an inland sea perhaps adjacent to Antarctica; it is clearly Atlantis. Its inhabitants, who have deliberately kept the world at bay, communicate through Telepathy; they have evolved a civilization featuring advances in science and Technology, including supersonic aircraft and Weather Control, though women (see Women in SF) are not allowed to own property. Without any evidence of cruelty that the narrator notices, Eugenics dominate breeding, hence the beauty and longevity of the Intermerans. After being warned that the Chinese represent a Yellow Peril to the world, the protagonist is sent back to whence he came. [JC]

William Alexander Taylor

born Harrison Township, Ohio: 25 April 1837

died Columbus, Ohio: 1912


  • Intermere (Columbus, Ohio: The XX Century Publishing Company, 1901) [title page gives 1901-1902: hb/nonpictorial]


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