Walton, Bryce

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(1918-1988) US author, prolific under his own name and others in several genres, his Television work including scripts for Captain Video. He wrote some sf as Paul Franklin, Kenneth O'Hara and Dave Sands, though his first story, "The Ultimate World" for Planet Stories in Winter 1945, was as Walton. He contributed actively to the magazines until about 1960, less frequently thereafter. Sons of the Ocean Deeps (1952) faces a failed space cadet with the chance to mature Under the Sea, deep in the Pacific benthos, which he grippingly does, helping to save North America from Disaster en passant. [JC]

Bryce Marvis Walton

born Blythedale, Missouri: 31 May 1918

died Van Nuys, California: 5 February 1988




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