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(1902-1984) US author most famous for the tales of rural Quakerism assembled in The Friendly Persuasion (coll of linked stories 1945). Her sf novella, The Chilekings (in Star Short Novels, anth 1954, ed Frederik Pohl, as "Little Men"; 1967), is a moral fable in which children switch statures with adults and take control, generating through their use of raw force an entirely justified Paranoia on the part of their elders. [JC]

see also: Great and Small.

Mary Jessamyn West

born Jennings County, Indiana: 18 July 1902

died Napa, California: 23 February 1984


  • The Chilekings (New York: Ballantine Books, 1967) [novella: first appeared in Star Short Novels (anth 1954) edited by Frederik Pohl, as "Little Men": pb/Robert E Schultz]


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