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Pseudonym of US army officer and author Robert McGarvey (1948-    ), most of whose work is Space Opera, often employing Military SF plots, and usually arrayed in series. His first sequence, the Starfire series – partially written with David Weber, who had developed Starfire, the Wargame to which it is Tied, and partially with other collaborators – begins with Insurrection (1990) with David Weber [for further volumes see Checklist below]. Solo series include the Disinherited sequence beginning with The Disinherited (1993), where a Terraforming team, frustrated by the anti-Technology bias of the government back on Earth, freelances to the stars, heavily weaponed, the series becoming an Alternate World drama; the Prince of Sunset sequence beginning with Prince of Sunset (1998), set in the dusk of a Galactic Empire threatened by Posthumans; the Lokaran sequence beginning with Eagle Against the Stars (2000), in which an Alien Invasion runs up against human guerrillas; and the Jason Thanou sequence beginning with Blood of the Heroes (2006), whose hero, a bodyguard with military inclinations, shepherds customers via Time Travel into eras that turn out to be dangerous. His singletons tend to run ingenious changes on the same template: freelance adventurers thwart bureaucrats and bureaucracies; the worlds of Space Opera are arenas. [JC]

Robert McGarvey

born Linden, New Jersey: 13 December 1948






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