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(1918-2010) UK author, previously a bookseller and involved with Fandom from the 1930s, publishing some fiction at that time in Fanzines, beginning with "Mr Hazel's Miracle Carpet" in Amateur Science Stories for December 1937; he began publishing sf professionally with "The Silent Ship" (July 1965 New Worlds) and "The Garden of Paris" (in Weird Shadows from Beyond, anth 1965, ed E J Carnell). Three earlier stories had appeared 1937-1938 in the Leeds-based Amateur Magazine Amateur Science Stories edited by Douglas W F Mayer. Williams was the author of nine more or less routine sf novels for Robert Hale Limited, starting with The Time Injection (1968). To End All Telescopes (1969) glibly deploys Imaginary Science to justify the Invention of a supertelescope which not only revolutionizes Astronomy within the solar system but allows direct observation of extrasolar Life on Other Worlds. The Drop In (1977), Williams's sole non-Hale novel, is an Alien-Invasion novel of some interest. His autobiography, For Mona (2010), is also of interest. [JC/DRL]

Eric Cyril Williams

born Camberwell [now London]: 22 July 1918

died Horsham, Surrey: 21 January 2010



  • For Mona (no place or publisher given: privately published, 2010) [nonfiction: pb/]


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