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(1953-    ) Japanese artist and Manga illustrator, who quit his design company job in 1981, the same year as his comics debut, "Richigi-na Gendai" ["The Age of Integrity"] (graph 1981 Comic Ryū). Other notable early works include Scramble Kekka ["Scramble Effect"] (graph 1982 Shōnen Champion) and Monthly Planet (graph 1985 SF Magazine), all gag strips depicting Hard SF situations with cute, infantilized characters. He was also a cover illustrator for many prominent sf works, including books by Shinji {KAJIO} and Tsukasa {TŌNO}, as well as the Japanese editions of books by Joe R {LANSDALE}, Mike Resnick and Ian Watson, among others. Relentlessly cartoony in style, his artwork seems ideally suited for comedies such as Harry Harrison's Bill the Galactic Hero (1965 trans Hisashi Asakura as Uchūhei Blues ["Space Soldier Blues"] 1988), but perhaps caused the covers of Japanese editions of the Wares series by Rudy Rucker to over-emphasize the playfulness that was certainly part of, but by no means the entirety of the books' appeal; compare this to US editions of the same books, arguably equally misleading in emphasizing their Cyberpunk credentials. He has won the Seiun Award in two categories, in 1991 for Art (see Illustration), and in 1999 for his Satire Runna-hime Hōrōki ["Princess Runna Adventure Rally"] (graph September 1990-January 1998 SF Magazine). [JonC]

Eiji Yokoyama

born Hokkaido, Japan: 1953


works (selected)

  • Scramble Kekka ["Scramble Effect"] (Tokyo: Kasakura Shuppan-sha, 1984) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]
  • Oshinobi Club ["Ninja Club"] (Tokyo: Akita Shoten, 1985) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]
  • Monthly Planet (Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobō, 1987) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]
  • Uchū Daizakka ["Space Convenience Store"] (Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobō, 1990) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]
  • Runna-hime Hōrōki ["Princess Runna Adventure Rally"] (Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobō, 1998) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]
  • Digital Shōgakkō Nikki ["Digital Elementary School Diary"] (Tokyo: Hayakawa Shobō, 2000) [graph: pb/Eiji Yokoyama]


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