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Pseudonym of Irish author Annie O'Meara de Vic Beamish (1883-1969), who founded and operated language schools on the Continent, and who was author of at least two dog books. Her novel The New Race of Devils (1921) describes a Near-Future German plan to create a new race through artificial insemination (see Eugenics); in the main section of the tale, set in 1934, an amoral Superman, about to become instrumental in an Invasion of England by channel tunnel, finds love. The King's Missal (1934) as by Noel de Vic Beamish is a fantasy, of some interest in that a magic book, bound into the skin of a dead witch [for Skinned see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], is used to reincarnate her. [JC]

Annie O'Meara de Vic Beamish

born Dublin, Ireland: 30 April 1883

died Switzerland: 1 August 1969



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