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(1971-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Shattering the Spear" in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly for 2011. His work is in general perhaps more usefully thought of as Fantastika rather than pure fantasy, as most of his tales press against and interrogate normal genre boundaries. A Dead Djinn in Cairo (19 May 2016; 2016 ebook), focuses upon a by-now moderately traditional female detective pursuing a case in an Alternate World Egypt, where Supernatural Creatures interact with potential Time Paradoxes. The Steampunk Alternate History world of A Black God's Drums (2018), more ambitiously conceived, provides a challenging Jonbar Point: the late eighteenth-century slave revolution in Haiti has succeeded, and survives in part because the new Free Isles possess a secret Weather Control Weapon, the eponymous Black God's Drums. America remains locked in its suicidal Civil War; a great storm assaults New Orleans; some adventure routines somewhat deflect the tale from its interrogation of politics and race (see Politics; Race in SF), but as a whole A Black God's Drums is bracing. [JC]

Phenderson Djèli Clark

born New York: 6 November 1971




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