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Pseudonym of Canadian-born author Henry George Weiss (1898-1946), in the US from 1919, whose birth name has also been wrongly given as George Henry Weiss; the pseudonym was adopted in memory of Francis Flagg Weiss – his brother, according to Forrest J Ackerman – who died in 1922. A US resident, Flagg began publishing sf with "The Machine Man of Ardathia" for Amazing in November 1927, part of the short Ardathia sequence about a time traveller (see Time Travel) from 19,000 CE, who describes his Utopian world at length; the sequel, "The Cities of Ardathia" (March 1932 Amazing), is set closer to the present during times of social unrest (Flagg is unusually sympathetic to workers). He published thirty or so typical Pulp-sf stories over the next decade in such magazines as Astounding, Weird Tales and Wonder Stories (including its Science Wonder Stories incarnation). Some of his later work was written in collaboration with Forrest J Ackerman. A single story, "Flower of War" (Winter 1938 Leaves) appeared as by Henry George Weiss. He was a comparatively careful writer. In his posthumously published sf tale, The Night People (1947 chap), an escaped convict takes a Drug-induced trip to another planet. [JC]

see also: Astounding Science-Fiction; Canada.

Henry George Weiss

born Halifax, Nova Scotia: 4 July 1898

died Martinez, California: 17 May 1946



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