Greenhough, Terry

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Working name of UK author Terence Greenhough (1944-2002) for most of his fiction, though he used the pseudonym Andrew Lester for the routine novel The Thrice-Born (1976), about persecuted hermaphrodites on a distant planet. Greenhough began publishing sf with "The Tree in the Forest" for Science Fiction Monthly in 1974. After Friend of Pharaoh (1975), an historical romance, his first sf novel, Time and Timothy Grenville (1975), typically of this writer somewhat discursively exploits an uneasy, oppressive relation between the world at large and its protagonist in a story of complex Time Travel and Aliens, in which Earth itself proves to be at stake. In his last novel, The Alien Contract (1980) for Robert Hale Limited, set in a vaguely conceived Britain some time beyond the conventional Near Future, a killer contracted to eliminate an Alien cannot find him. [JC]

Terence Greenhough

born North Derbyshire: 15 December 1944

died Derby, Derbyshire: 2002



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