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(1935-2020) US journalist, editor and author, active since the mid-1950s; well into his career, he published a tale of genre interest with "From the Lake" (March 1985 Asimov's). Most of his work, nonfiction or fiction, focused on his native New York, including two works of interest as Fantastika: in Snow in August (1997), a boy from Brooklyn and a Czech rabbi join forces to fight anti-Semitic thugs with the aid of a Golem; and Forever (2003) constructs a sustained though occasionally sentimental paean to New York through the centuries as experienced, and shaped, by an Irish rebel who is granted Immortality on condition he never leave Manhattan. Some moments Equipoisal with sf are adumbrated, without conviction. [JC]

William Peter Hamill Jr

born New York: 24 June 1935

died New York: 5 August 2020

works (highly selected)

  • Snow in August (Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown and Company, 1997) [hb/]
  • Forever (Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown and Company, 2003) [hb/Chika Azuma]


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