Rosenblum, J Michael

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(1917-1978) One of the early major figures in UK Fandom, active from the mid-1930s in the Leeds sf group, about whose internal controversies he wrote in Thrilling Wonder Stories for February 1938; he attended the historically important 1937 Convention held in Leeds, West Yorkshire. His Fanzines included The Futurian (8 issues 1938-1940), its short-lived replacement The Pseudo-Futurian (4 issues 1940), Futurian War Digest (39 issues 1940-1945) and New Futurian (8 issues 1954-1958); the "Futurian" title tradition was continued by his son Howard Rosenblum (1948-2013) with Son of New Futurian (1968-1977). Further fanzines to which Rosenblum senior contributed include John Carnell's New Worlds in 1939 and Harry Warner Jr's Spaceways in 1940. He was also active in the 1942-1946 British Fantasy Society – editing the three 1942 issues of its British Fantasy Fan Federation Preliminary Bulletin (see British Fantasy Society Bulletin) – and in the British Science Fiction Association during its early years from 1958, including two appearances in the BSFA magazine Vector. [DRL]

see also: Futurians.

John Michael Rosenblum

born Leeds, West Yorkshire: 7 November 1917

died Leeds, West Yorkshire: 28 June 1978


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