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1. An alternate Pseudonym of the unidentified sf author who wrote as Dustin Lasser.

2. This joke "travesty" byline was independently used by a team of over thirty sf/fantasy authors and editors – including Michael Armstrong, Pierce Askegren, Adam-Troy Castro, Brenda Clough, Sheila Finch, C C Finlay, Peter J Heck, Robin Hobb, James D Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Kevin O'Donnell Jr, Alan Rodgers, Chuck Rothman, Sherwood Smith and Allen Steele – for a round-robin novel intended to be so unpublishably bad that only a vanity press would conceivably accept it. This was created as a sting operation aimed at PublishAmerica, which despite claims to be a traditional publisher accepted the incoherent "novel" – later published by the auctorial collective as Atlanta Nights (2005). One chapter was Computer-generated (see Oulipo); characters change Sex or die and reappear without explanation (see Reincarnation); genre Clichés include the revelation that events so far were all a dream, though the book then continues for further chapters. [DRL]

"Travis Tea"


  • Atlanta Nights (Morrisville, North Carolina: Lulu.com, 2005) [pb/photographic]


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