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(1905-1991) US author who began publishing fiction as early as 1920, though her first sf tale was "Men with Wings" for Air Wonder Stories in 1929; she remained active in the field for the next decade, publishing about twenty stories. Her two sf books are When the Sun Went Out (1929 chap), a Far-Future tale which appeared in Hugo Gernsback's Science Fiction Series, and the The Void sequence comprising Out of the Void (August-September 1929 Amazing; rev 1967), a Space Opera set partially on the ninth planet, Abrui, inhabited by various Alien races, some of them Telepaths, and featuring adventures in the style of the Planetary Romance; a novel-length sequel, "Across the Void" (April-June 1931 Amazing), was a Fantastic Voyage tale, climaxing in the Alpha Centauri system (see Life on Other Worlds); it attained magazine publication only.

Stone remains best known for "The Conquest of Gola" (April 1931 Wonder Stories), in which the females who govern Gola (ie Venus) more or less effortlessly spurn the capitalist lures of intruding males from Detaxal (ie Earth), and later dismiss the Earthlings' attempts at actual Invasion; the Feminism of the story is both explicit and surprisingly early for Genre SF. Stone's sexually ambivalent first name, which she was given at birth, caused her to be mentioned by Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl and others as one of the early Women SF Writers who disguised their sex because of sf's male readership; she was, in fact, always known (and recognized) as female. [JC/PN]

Leslie Francis Stone Silberberg

born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 8 June 1905

died 21 March 1991


  • When the Sun Went Out (New York: Stellar Publishing, 1929) [chap: in the publisher's Science Fiction Series: illus/Frank R Paul: pb/nonpictorial]
  • Out of the Void (New York: Avalon Books, 1967) [The Void: hb/]


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